5 Divas Who Are Jerks And 5 Who Are Sweethearts In Real Life


The Divas in wrestling were mainly used in the past as eye-candy or as a means of attracting more viewers. Although that has somewhat changed now that the women’s division has reached the center stage, female wrestlers are still marketed for their looks, but these Divas are in fact quite different when it comes to their personal lives.

While some Divas are sweethearts in their personal lives, the same cannot be said for others, who aren’t nearly as friendly as you’d hope, whether it be towards fans or co-workers.

Most of the female wrestlers might be nice people in real life who love to interact with fans, but some of them aren’t all that likable outside the squared circle. Here are some examples of both, as we look at 5 WWE Divas who are jerks in real life and 5 who are sweethearts.