5 Cool Fashion Trends You Cant Wear At School


Is there anything worse at school than teachers who are always after you for violating the dress code? It's almost as if they would prefer you to show up in a potato sack rather than wearing today's latest trends. Some schools are pretty lax on clothing restrictions and will only give you a warning if they catch you wearing something inappropriate. But other schools are super strict, and they'll even suspend students for wearing ripped jeans. If you want to learn all about what you could get in trouble for wearing, check out our video about 5 Cool Fashion Trends You Can't Wear at School.

Leggings are like every girl's dream come true. The fabric used to make them is super stretchy and comfy. Plus, you can easily dress them up or down. But did you know that leggings are banned from most schools? The reason is because schools think that leggings distract boys from learning in the classroom. But you'll have to keep watching to hear what one group of students did after their school banned leggings from their dress code.

You know that off-the-shoulder blue dress from Zara that every girl owns? That dress was their summer 2017 best-seller. There's even a Tumblr account about it that's dedicated to posting sightings of the dress around the world. But don't try to wear the dress, or any other off-the-shoulder dress, to your school or you might find yourself in hot water. Who knew that exposed shoulders could be so controversial.

From hats to short shorts to crop tops, there are many trendy items that you're not allowed to wear to school. Just make sure to keep watching until the end to see what piece of clothing Miley Cyrus is allowed to wear that you can't.