30 Things You Never Knew About Makeup


When it comes to beauty techniques, there are so many tricks that will help you perfect your look and save you time when it comes to applying your makeup. If you want to find out some of the best techniques to add to your beauty regimen, here are 30 things you never knew about makeup.

1. A bit of white eyeliner applied to the lower lash line is the easiest way to make your eyes

appear larger.

2. Mixing together your favorite foundation with a bit of moisturizer will provide you with

full-coverage without feeling like you’re wearing a ton of makeup.

3. When it comes to applying powder, avoid placing the product on the outer corners of your face because it will highlight peach fuzz and wrinkles.

4. An easy way to make faux freckles is to dip a bobby pin into eyebrow gel and use the tip to perfectly apply freckles to your face.

5. Apply highlighter to the outer corner of your palms, and use your hand as a guide to perfectly apply the product.

6. If you have trouble making a cat eye, hold a spoon against the outer corner of your eye. The shape of the spoon and its rounded edge will act as a guide to create a perfect winged effect.

7. Inspect your palms to see the shade of red that peeks through your skin. This is the exact color you should use on your cheeks.

8. When you lick your lips before taking a sip out of a cup or straw, it will prevent your lipstick from transferring.

9. If you want to create a subtle glow to your skin, apply your blush before you apply your


10. If your eyes are close together, all you have to do is apply eyeliner to their outer corners to make your eyes appear further apart.

11. The trick to creating the perfect smokey eye is to draw a hashtag on the outer corner of your eye and start blending away.

12. When it comes to swatching lipstick, you should apply the product to your fingertips because that color is the closest match to the shade of your lips.

13. Spray a bit of hairspray on a mascara wand, and gently brush the wand through your

eyebrows. This will help to keep unruly brow hairs in place all day long.

14. A bit of concealer used around the outer edge of your eyebrows will add more definition and will make your brows stand out like never before.

15. If you’re looking for the best natural lipstick color, pull down your lower lip. The skin color inside your mouth is the shade that would look best with your skin tone.

16. The simplest way to apply eyeliner is to start from the outer corners until you reach the

middle. And then, draw from the inner corner until you connect the line in the center.

17. Picking out the best concealer can be tricky, but makeup artists suggest you pick a shade that matches the inner color of your arm.

18. Apply a bit of lip balm to your eyelashes before you apply your mascara. This is a simple trick that makes your eyelashes appear curlier.

19. When your favorite mascara dries up, add a few drops of saline solution to the bottle to bring it back to life.

20. If you run out of cream eyeshadow, lipstick is a great alternative. It’s made with the same

consistency and it’s long-lasting.

21. To make sure your lipstick lasts all day, apply your favorite shade, place a piece of tissue over your mouth, and then dust a bit of translucent powder on top to set the color.

22. If you suffer from oily skin and you don’t have any blotting papers, toilet seat covers in public restrooms will do the trick. They’re made of similar fabric and will soak up oil instantly.

23. If you have watery eyes, a bit of translucent powder applied over your eyeliner will stop your makeup from running.

24. To keep your lashes curly all day, heat up your eyelash curler with a blow dryer for 5-8

seconds. This trick makes your lashes stay curlier for much longer.

25. If you’ve skipped out on your eyebrow waxing appointment, just use a bit of concealer to cover up stray hairs.

26. Instead of using a beauty blender, take a sock, roll it up into a ball, and use it to apply your foundation. It will get the job done just as good if not better than a makeup sponge.

27. Mix a bit of lightweight foundation with some primer to create a long-lasting foundation that won’t budge.

28. Applying powder before applying your foundation is the easiest way to conceal big pores.

29. Rub in a bit of moisturizer underneath your eyes before applying your concealer to stop the product from getting dry and caking throughout the day.

30. Instead of spending money on lip gloss, you can make your own at home for much cheaper. Just mix together some loose pigments of your favorite eyeshadow along with a bit of petroleum jelly.