30 Quick Facts About The Kardashians You Didn't Know


The Kardashians live their lives in front of video and paparazzi cameras. But despite giving fans an all-access pass to every moment of their lives, there are still many facts about them that many people are unaware of. These facts range from quirky to downright outrageous.

The family’s fame was certainly the result of Kim’s sex tape with her ex-boyfriend, Ray J. But if she hadn’t filmed herself getting frisky in the bedroom, she would probably be living a quiet and low-key life somewhere in Los Angeles. Many people don’t realize that Kim never had the desire to be uber-famous. Instead, she always thought she would grow up to be a school teacher. Can you imagine that?

Kourtney is probably the most quiet sister of the bunch, but when she does speak, it’s usually something completely shocking! The mother of 3 had us raising our eyebrows when she gave Khloé a Brazilian bikini wax on camera, but we really gasped in horror when she admitted to putting mayonnaise on her vagina to make it shine!

Khloé is the most outspoken of the bunch, but there are still many things about her that were shocked to hear. For example, during a car accident in 2001, the impact caused Khloé to go through the windshield. Since the accident, she has suffered from longterm memory loss. On an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she tried to combat the problem by going under hypnotherapy.

The mother of the family, Kris Jenner, even has a few wacky facts of her own. We immediately fell in love with her black and white Calabasas, CA mansion, but we had no clue she took the color palette so seriously. Kris has admitted that one of her guest restrooms even has black toi-let paper. We definitely think she went a little too far with the color scheme, but we wouldn’t ex-pect anything less from the zany matriarch.

Kendall and Kylie are the youngest of the family, and we’re still learning more and more about them each and every day. One of Kendall’s most craziest facts is that her middle name, Nicole, was given to her in honor of Kris’ very good friend, Nicole Brown Simpson, who was murdered just one year before Kendall was born.

Kylie is embracing her new celebrity status, but she isn’t content with just appearing on the fami-ly’s reality show. Instead, she has dreams of becoming an actress one day. We definitely think she has a chance to make it big. She has the good looks and the talent to go right along with it!

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