30 Girls Justin Bieber Has Been With


Here a girl, there a girl, in a myriad of places all over the world there may well be a girl that has dated the infamous pop star and renowned player Justin Bieber. The Biebs seems to have enchanted most of the young girls in the world, and lucky for them, they probably all have a chance at capturing this 22-year-old sensation. Have you seen his dating history? He has been busier than a cobra at a mongoose convention! When you are as young and famous as JB, girls aren’t exactly few and far between. He has prided himself on many occasions to having a new girl every couple of weeks and the party way of life to match. Being humble may not exactly be in his set of skills, but chances are that at least half of us heavy-hearted Bieber-craving women have a shot!

Most of us can remember when we started “dating” in our young teenage years, and that goes for celebrities too. JB started dating at the age of thirteen, with the young and adorable Miss Caitlin Beadles. You know, back when he had officially wrapped every pre-teen and teenage girl around his little pinky finger with his velvet voice. However, not many of us can say our first love was our best friend’s sibling. That’s kind of weird. The first love in a person’s life always holds a special place in their heart: new, fun, simple. Simple as Justin’s first relationship was, it has been anything but ever since; the years after is where it gets confusing, and even a bit scary. I mean hey, if someone can make a list of thirty women that you have been involved with, it is probably safe to assume it’s time to take it down a notch. Hint hint, JB.

After he hit stardom, JB definitely became an impressive ladies’ man. It’s actually quite impressive, considering the crazy amounts of criticism and truckloads of hate mail he gets. He definitely seems to have a type: the girls that star in his videos. He also seems to really have a thing for Latinas, as Selena Gomez will attest to. No matter what his type, none of us can deny that Selena is the goddess he belongs with. After more than five years of on/off dating, they always seem to fall right back into each other’s arms. With so much chemistry between them, who could blame them! However, things might be at an ultimate halt for the dream-couple Selena, especially after Justin blew off Selena for Kendall Jenner at the MET Gala last year. Turns out, he was raving to the starlet about how beautiful she looked at the event, only to make a spectacle of his dates with Kendall a week later. Needless to say, she may be distraught for quite a while. As a loving fan base, we can only hope they soon realize how perfect they are together!

While we can’t really deny that JB has always had the most exquisite taste in women (models, actresses, just look at them!), he certainly has had more than his fair share. Plus, he is still reeling in more beautiful fishes from the abundant sea of love! The life of a star is the life of a star, and I guess that may be something we normal folk might never understand- so no judgment here, JB. You just keep playing the field so we can make a part two for our list! For now, check out this summarization of the first thirty beauties that Justin Bieber has dated.