30 Girls Drake Has Slept With


Drake has been in the spotlight since his “Degrassi” days, and though it seems like he may be getting more women now that he is a world-wide icon for a man with a broken heart, that just isn’t the case. Drake has been a ladies man from his tween days in Toronto, and now we get to lift the vial and see who all the ladies are Drake writes about in his songs. From strippers, to video vixens, Drizzy seems to like his women in all shapes and sizes, he also doesn’t discriminate when it comes to ethnic background, but one thing all these ladies share, is how easy on the eyes they are!

Drake has been spotted with a sleuth of famous women, and when he went to the “Ellen” show in 2013, Ellen couldn’t help but call him out on some of his rumored hook ups. Drake played it cool through most of the interview, but you could tell that he was getting embarrassed, and as the list kept getting longer, the more flushed the rapper became. Of course the first two names to pop up in the interrogation were Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. When talking about Rihanna, he admitted they have had their moment, but fast forward to 2016 MTV’s VMAs, it was hard to deny that these two may have been extending their “moment”. According to sources, Drake loves Rihanna, and they have always had an on again off again type or relationship. Maybe one day these two will settle down?

Now, when it comes to Drake’s infamous love for Nicki Minaj, it is rumored that he wanted to marry her. Nicki and Drake apparently had a one night stand, and she rejected him afterwards. He now claims that they are like family, and he will always have love for her, so maybe RiRi is his backup plan? Nicki isn’t the only famous lady to turn Drake down after 1 night. According to the Rapper he also went on dates with Tyra Banks, and Kat Dennings, and they never called him back. So maybe that’s why he has so much material about his broken heart. Girls have their fun with him, and release him back into the wilderness of stripper poles and video hotties.

Yes, it’s true, Drake has a soft spot for strippers, and girls that appear in his videos. According to this list at least 7 of them were pole dancers, or met Drake on the set of his video. So, if you are looking to score a date with Hip Hop’s king of broken hearts, you better start getting your pole skills in check! Though he never brings most of these girls into the spot light, they are not ashamed to speak out about their time with Drake. Because out of all the girls on this list, the girls in this group seem to love the attention they got from Drake, and most of them spilt the beans about their time with him on radio shows. One girl, Deelishis, a “Flavor of Love” alum, admitted that Drake was an excellent lover, and the best she ever had.

Sadly, none of the women on this list hold a candle to Drake’s ex, Zineb “Nebby Neb” Samir. Drake and Nebby dated in 2009, and the curvy bombshell must have blown his mind, because Drake blew the whistle on the question: Who inspired you to write, “Best I Ever Had”. He revealed on a Toronto radio show that Nebby was in fact the best he ever had. Drop the mic Nebby!

No you don’t have to be a famous beauty to catch Drake’s eye, but having the right moves and a beautiful face would probably help. Did you like this list as much as Drake enjoyed putting the notches on his bedpost?