30 Facts That Will Make You Smarter Than Your Parents


We all have parents. Some remain present in our life while others may have others who stepped in to fill that role. Most of us have that parental figure! Growing up, we were taught to look up to our parents and always go to them if we didn’t know something. There was always the hierarchy of how we learn from our parents, they have authority over us, and they raise us into well-adjusted adults. Because our parents lived life before us, they have the street smarts and can impart their wisdom onto us. But, what if we can learn some stuff before our parents? Then, the tables would turn and then our parents would need something from us! Of course, we can’t be going around ordering our parents around, because that’s disrespectful and no bueno. But, there is a way to show off your knowledge to your parents and still be respectful. In fact, your knowledge may even bring up some interesting conversations and grow your relationship with your parents. Considering that our relationship with our parents might get strained during our teen years, looking for ways to connect is key. Who knows, it could result in some extra privileges or a raise in your allowance!

In this video, we have 30 facts that will make you smarter than your parents! If you’ve ever wanted to beaten your parents in a game of wits, this video will definitely be the right place to start! Next time your parents tell you to get off the computer, tell them that you’re learning!