30 Facts That Will Impress Your School Teacher


School is a tough jungle sometimes, regardless of whether you’re in high school or college. Ever wanted to be the teacher’s pet, but you didn’t know how to get an in? It seems that only the smartest kids can get the title, but that isn’t true! Well, teacher’s pets are often the students who work really hard in their academics, with college in their minds. This also means that sometimes they are social outcasts and end up befriending the teachers instead of their peers. Okay, that’s not an ideal social life, but you don’t have to sacrifice your circle of friends to impress your teacher. All you need to know is some cool facts that will show your teacher that you’re serious when it comes to getting smarter and being more aware of the world around you. Where do you even start? There’s so much information around us that one can become the victim of overload rather quickly.

In this video, we’re going to show you 30 facts that will impress your school teacher! From awesome facts about academia to cool things about the world around us, you’re sure to get a nod of approval from your teacher! Also, you can impress your peers in the hallway in between classes, and you can get some attention from all sorts of social groups. Want the title of being a human dictionary? Then all you need to do is watch this video, take some notes, and be ready to enlighten the world with your knowledge!