25 Simpsons Easter Eggs That Everybody Missed


Ay caramba! The Simpsons is now the second-longest-running scripted primetime series in the United States of America. Matt Groening's brilliant animated sitcom first aired way back in 1989 and has become one of the most popular shows in the entire world - and with good reason.

In 2007, The Simpsons Movie hit theatres all around the planet and was met with universal critical acclaim - and it grossed an impressive $527 million worldwide to boot.

The show is a satirical depiction of American working-class life - but it's also extremely capable of delivering searing social commentary and has truly become a global cultural touchstone.

Every time you watch it, you're guaranteed to be absolutely bombarded with Easter eggs and references that aren't always easy to catch. Many people make a point of watching The Simpsons constantly to catch them!

In this video, we'll run you through twenty-five of them that you probably missed. Do you know of any others?

The Easter eggs we're listing include references to A Clockwork Orange, The Birds, Citizen Kane, Les Misérables, Family Guy, the Super Bowl and Phillip K. Dick - as well as a number of important photographs from real world history - but that's far from everything.

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