25 Extreme Santa Scenes From Your Favorite Holiday Movies


Santa Claus is supposed to be jolly and happy soul, but movies have not always portrayed him this way. In many films, Santa resorts to violence instead of caring and it happens in some pretty shocking ways.

Take a stroll down memory lane to relive some of these crazy scenes from all your favorite Christmas films. The Santa Clause trilogy features a lot of crazy moments including multiple Santa deaths and some shovel action. In Elf, a department store Santa gets a little crazy when Buddy accuses him of being a fake. In Bad Santa, Santa teaches some pretty dirty boxing lessons and in Bad Santa 2 he gets into a fight with another street Santa. In the film Fred Claus, Fred takes on a number of Santas in the middle of a toy store. Santa’s Slay features an evil Kris Kringle who even attacks a puppy. Rise of the Guardians showcases how much Santa knows about sword fighting. A Christmas Story features a classic Santa scene with the boot to the face. Jingle All the Way showcases a group of evil Santas who must take on the Terminator. Hulk Hogan transforms into Santa and uses giant candy canes to take on generic foes. In A Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack’s journey as Santa takes a rough turn when he’s shot down from the sky. In Arthur Christmas, an old Santa must take on a group of angry lions in Africa. The Grinch plays the role of Santa as he violently rummages through houses, causing all types of destruction. Watch to see all 25 times movie Santas got violent on the big screen.