20 YouTubers Real Name and Age


We watch our favorite YouTubers almost daily, but we are really only seeing the content that they curate for us. How much do we really know about them? Do you know your favorite YouTubers’ real names and ages? Probably not. Which is why we have compiled this list of 20 YouTubers Real Name and Age.

Take superstar Liza Koshy for instance. She has over 10 million subscribers and regularly posts content to her main channel and her second channel. But how many people know that her real name isn’t actually Liza? Liza is her nickname. It is short for Elizabeth.

Or take star Erika Costell. How old do you think she is? 16? 17? 18? Anywhere in that age range would still make her the perfect fit for Jake Paul’s Team 10. She’s actually on the older side of the Team 10 crew as she is currently 23.

Or superstar Wengie. She looks super young and innocent. Her vibrant hair color and bright eyes make her seem more like a teenager, but she is actually 31! We couldn’t believe it either. We thought she was maybe in her early twenties at the oldest!

So many stars that we watch on YouTube are not even close to the ages that we think they are. From Jake Paul to his brother Logan Paul and even PewDiePie, the ages and names of some of your favorite stars will surprise you! So stay tuned to 20 YouTubers Real Name and Age. You won’t believe how old SeaNanners is.