20 Weird Food Combinations People Actually Love


People have different tastes and we all have that one friend that absolutely loves Marmite, even though most can’t stand the taste. Today, we’ll explore weird food combinations people actually love. They include cheese and banana toasties, chocolate pizza, Cheetos and milk, avocado pancakes, spaghetti tacos, Oreos and orange juice, and more!

Let’s start with one of the weirdest food combinations we have ever heard of. Cheetos are normally eaten as a snack and aren’t really considered a breakfast meal. But some people are adding milk to them and they absolutely love it! The milk gets that iconic Cheetos flavor and as weird as that combo sounds, it might actually be your new favorite food!

If you thought putting pineapple on a pizza was weird, you’d be completely baffled by this one. Pizza with chocolate is becoming more and more popular and a lot of people absolutely love the taste. Since chocolate and cheese combination makes sense, it’s no wonder that this is actually completely delicious!

If you watch “iCarly,” you’re probably familiar with spaghetti tacos. It might sound like a weird food combination and we’re sure that Mexican food lovers wouldn’t approve of this. But it turns out that taco shells give spaghetti an interesting crunch and they’re totally delicious!

So, which weird food combo do you love? Is it cheese and banana toasties, chocolate pizza, Cheetos and milk, Oreos and orange juice, or is there something else? Watch our video to find 20 weird food combinations people actually love!