20 Toys No Kid Would Want To Receive On Christmas


Christmas is always an exciting time of the year with the presents, the Christmas lights, and hanging out with the people you love. But sometimes, people give hilarious Christmas presents and some of those were definitely not meant for kids. From Hitler dolls, scary babies, weird toy cars, and cymbal monkeys to weird-shaped microphones and bubble swords, these are the 20 toys no kid would want to receive on Christmas.

Let’s start with some scary babies. You won’t believe what this baby toy is actually doing and it’s even worse when you notice that he’s pretty much not wearing any clothes! Although it’s not the creepiest toy on our list, it’s definitely a Christmas gift no child would want.

Speaking of inappropriate Christmas presents, we found a Mickey Mouse microphone that looks like something completely different. Sure, it’s got the Mickey colors, but its shape resembles something that’s more suitable as an adult toy. Definitely not a Christmas present for kids!

Do you remember the cymbal monkey? It’s the monkey with a scary look that bangs its drums until you take out the batteries. You probably have it hidden away in your attic and we’re pretty sure every child would tell you that it can definitely stay up there.

What’s the weirdest Christmas present you ever received? From scary babies, inappropriate toys, cymbal monkeys, weird-shaped microphones, brain cars to Hitler dolls, these are the 20 gifts no kid would want to receive on Christmas, or any other day for that matter.