20 Things You Don’t Know About Eminem


When he bust on the scene in 1992, the world wasn’t ready for Marshall Mathers, but that didn’t stop him. But, is there more than just a crazy mom, and difficult marriage when it comes to knowing Eminem’s life? From his charity work, to being in a coma, these are 20 things you don’t know about Eminem.

Everyone knows how strained the relationship was between Eminem and his mom. But, many people don’t know what all she went through. She gave birth to Eminem when she was just 15 years old. The whole labor lasted 72 hours, and almost claimed his mother’s life.

Eminem had a very rough childhood. He grew up in a predominately black neighborhood, which didn’t take to kindly to the lone white kid. He was constantly picked on, and one time when he was 9, he was so badly beaten that he ended up in a coma for a week. After that, Eminem’s mom tried to sue his school because of bully, D’Angelo Bailey, who put him in a coma. Later, Bailey tried to sue Eminem for $1 million dollars, after he released the single “Brain Damage”. Bailey was the subject of the song, and claimed it ruined his reputation.

While working on the set of “8 Mile” Eminem was struggling to find time to sleep. This led him to taking prescription pills, which eventually lead to addiction. At the height of his addiction he was consuming up to 60 Vicodin pills a day. After an overdose of Methadone, Eminem decided enough was enough. So, when Eminem chose to get clean, one of the first people he called was Elton John. He says that Elton John has acted like a sponsor, and even calls once a week to check on him.

Eminem is so good with his lyrics that he has proven there are several ways to rhyme with the word orange. He has a way of breaking down words that is very unique. It’s not a reach to say that Eminem is a lyrical genius! Not only can we hear it in his songs, but a study showed that he has the best vocabulary in the game. Out of 93 artists in over 25 genres he was found to have the widest vocabulary, with 8,818 unique words. He beat 2nd place Jay-Z by nearly 2,000 words.

When it comes to being rewarded for your music, winning a Grammy is the highlight of anyone’s career. Not only has Eminem won a Grammy, but he’s won 15 in total! Pretty impressive for a scrawny kid from Detroit! Eminem has not only impressed the music industry with his talent, but also the movie industry. He had amazing acting skills in “8 Mile”, and took home the Academy Award for the movie’s theme song. It was the first rap song ever to win an Oscar. So, we know that Eminem has his fair share of awards. But, you may be surprised to learn that he’s in the Guinness Book of World Records. The rapper earned the World Record for “Most Successive #1 Albums By A Solo Artist”.

Many people don’t associate Eminem with being a philanthropist, but you may be surprised that he has established many foundations and charities. One of the dearest one’s to him is the Marshall Mather’s Foundation. The foundation is geared towards helping at risk youth in his home state of Michigan.

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