20 Things You Didn't Know About Shadowhunters


It’s time to reveal some facts about “Shadowhunters”! “Shadowhunters” was aired in 2016 on Freeform and quickly became the best show people essentially forgot about prior to the air date. While there have been several books out revealed prior to the TV show, but it was the show that introduced the “Shadowhunters” concept to brand new fans. But how much do you know about “Shadowhunters”? Do you know how many runes there are in total? Or what Katherine McNamara had to do to reach that perfect shade of red for Clary? Or how the characters got their names? Or which actor actually appeared in Taylor Swift’s music video? We’ll reveal behind-the-scenes facts as well as some secrets facts about the stars behind the show. These are the 20 things you didn’t know about “Shadowhunters”!