20 Things You Didn't Know About Margot Robbie


Before dazzling us on the big screen, Margot Robbie made it big on an Australian soap opera called “Neighbours.” Not much was known about the star at that time, but slowly, she has re-vealed some pretty hilarious and shocking facts about herself.

The actress had a brief stint on the show “Pan Am,” alongside her friend and co-star Christina Ricci. The actresses were actually roommates during filming, and when they were scheduled to be on set, Christina would always have to help Margot wiggle into her form-fitting stewardess costume and girdle.

Margot has become sought after ever since she appeared alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Wolf of Wall Street,” but the actress wasn’t even sure that she would land the role of Naomi. During her audition, she knew she needed to impress Martin Scorsese and Leo, so while impro-vising, instead of kissing the actor as the script called for, she slapped him in the face! The room fell dead silent, and Margot was sure she had bombed it. Surprisingly, Leo and Martin loved it, and Leo even instructed her to hit him again!

“The Wolf of Wall Street” definitely solidified her career, but her nude scene brought a bit of unwanted attention. Hugh Hefner reached out to Margot and offered her a spread in “Playboy” magazine, but she turned him down. She has stated that she will only do nude scenes if they are artistic because she feels that she has already put her family through enough after showing it all in “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Her grandparents have yet to see the movie because her family collectively decided that seeing Margot in the buff was something grandma and grandpa shouldn’t be witnessing.

If it wasn’t for that split-second decision to lay a good hard smack on Leo’s face, we may have never had the opportunity to see Margot show us her stuff in this summer’s hit movie, “Suicide Squad.” Margot plays the character Harley Quinn in the superhero flick, but she admits that she wasn’t fond of the murderous psychopath at first. After reading the script, Margot didn’t think she had much in common with Harley at all, but she eventually learned to love the character, and Harley has since grown on her.

On the set of “Suicide Squad,” Margot and her cast mates had a bonding experience when Mar-got offered everyone free “SKWAD” tattoos. A few of her cast mates obliged, including Cara Delevingne who received a tattoo on her foot. But one unlucky crew member received a typo of the word “SKWAD,” and ended up with the letters “SWAD” instead.

She may not be a pro at tattooing, but she does have some hidden talents that we were surprised to discover. Margot not only has a “trapeze certificate” from a circus school, but she’s also a pro at making Subway sandwiches. Before making it big in the industry, Margot worked at the sandwich chain. But these days, she finds it hard to venture inside her local Subway. The actress says she’s very critical and judgmental of the employees’ sandwich making skills.

We’re sure there’s so much more about Margot that has yet to be discovered, and we can’t wait to find out more about this talented actress!