20 Things You Didn't Know About Gigi Hadid


Where do we even start with Gigi Hadid? She’s sky rocketed to modeling fame, facing campaigns for big names such as Guess and Stuart Weitzman, she wins celebrity cook offs, stars in music videos, and is all around athletic. Whether you first saw her on an episode of her mom’s show, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, recognize her from the Victoria’s Secret catwalk, or are a self-proclaimed Gigi fanatic, there are some things you might not know about the witty, leggy blonde super model.

Gigi isn’t just a pretty face. Before her modeling career took off at lightning speed, she was enrolled in The New School in New York City, studying criminal psychology. She took a leave of absence to focus on her modeling, but plans to return one day. She’s also an absolute sweetheart. For her 20th birthday she asked for McDonald’s gift cards. She’s a self-proclaimed burger aficionado, but she didn’t ask for gift cards so that she could get a Big Mac every day. Instead, she wanted them so she could hand them out to people she passed on the streets of New York City.

Hadid is also an incredible athlete. These days she is a hard core boxer to keep her shape, but she used to ride horse back and also made it to the Olympic qualifiers for volleyball. But her hard work doesn’t mean the girl doesn’t like to eat. She’s obsessed with junk food and said that she wants her own cooking show one day. She also beat her friend and fellow Victoria’s Secret model Devon Windsor on MasterChef celebrity. She made her famous “Gigi Burger” topped with pickled jalapeños and fried onions and won the judges over.

If you’re wondering where she gets her gorgeous looks, she’s of Palestinian and Dutch descent. Her father, Mohamad Hadid was born in Palestine, and her mother Yolanda was born in the Netherlands. She and her sister Bella Hadid, who is also a model, got the same striking eyes and bone structure. The two have starred beside each other in a number of editorials and magazine covers. But the family also shares something darker. Her mother, brother and sister have all been diagnosed with Lyme disease, which has been debilitating to say the least.

She’s beautiful, fun, witty and charming, but you may not know these things about her. In today’s video we’re looking at 20 quick facts about model of the moment, Gigi Hadid.