20 Things You Didn't Know About Donald Trump


Donald Trump has been elected President of United States, but there are so many things you didn’t know about Trump. Like what he got up to as a child. And the surprising failures of many of his businesses. And some of the stranger things he owns. Plus of course the many controversial things he’s said. Some of these interesting facts about Donald Trump will shock you. Watch our list of 20 little-known facts about Trump and prepare to be amazed by many.

Trump’s childhood doesn’t get many column inches, but it’s a pretty interesting read. Like how his behavior meant that he ended up in a particular kind of school. And his initials became the new word for detention. The three initials of his full name became one of Trump’s nicknames, and he sure does love coming up with unusual nicknames for other people too. Perhaps his trouble-making past is why Trump has made a certain decision about alcohol as well.

Trump’s property portfolio is pretty well known (and he’s got some world records thanks to his tall buildings too), but did you know about some of the other, sportier business ventures he owns? And his TV career is well-documented thanks to the long running success of ‘The Apprentice’. But did you know Trump starred in a movie too? He even won an award for it. Although perhaps not the one he would have liked. Never mind though, all his fame won him a special accolade on the sidewalk, but not necessarily a lot of friends in the circles of the rich and famous. And his reason why rich people don’t like him is certainly interesting.

The politician has had plenty of controversial ideas, including ideological screening and banning Muslims from entering the U.S. He’s also had some disturbing accusations leveled at him regarding sexual harassment. Trump himself has made some claims about his life that have raised eyebrows, like his experience of ATMs. He’s shown he can be a good sport too though, taking part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and then challenging President Barack Obama to do the same. Trump’s speculation about Obama’s place of birth certainly made waves, but did you know what bold move he made in September 2016 about the subject of Obama’s citizenship?