20 Quick Facts About Cara Delevingne


Cara Delevingne may be one of the coolest models to ever step foot on the runway. She’s laid back, easygoing, unpredictable and multi-talented. Seriously, is there anything she can’t do? Cara is like the gift that keeps on giving. She has continuously pulled back layers of her person-ality and talents to show the world that she’s much more than just a pretty face. In fact, if she ev-er wants to completely hang up her modeling career, she has a host of other talents that will like-ly keep her busy.

Cara has been writing her own music since the age of 13, and she also plays various instruments including the guitar and the drums. She once appeared on a Spanish talk show and played the opening of “Sweet Home Alabama’ with her guitar behind her head. But if that wasn’t enough, she also considers herself to be one of the best “beat boxers.” According to Cara, the sounds that come out of her mouth are amazing.

Cara is also an awesome writer, and she has been writing poetry for almost all of her life. She finds writing to be therapeutic, especially during her early years when she battled with mental health issues. Her parents decided to step in to get her some help, and she was sent to various therapists to help sort through her issues. In the end, Cara would frustrate and overwhelm her therapists to the point where they could no longer deal with her.

But Cara wasn’t the only one dealing with issues in the Delevingne household. Her mother, Pan-dora, was a socialite, and she would spend many nights boozing and doing hard drugs. Her hero-ine addiction became so bad, Cara says she was responsible for “parenting the parent.” Even to-day, Pandora still struggles with her addictions, but that doesn’t mean Cara loves her any less. In fact, she has a tattoo in honor of her mom on her arm.

Speaking of tattoos, Cara has some rather peculiar ink in an unlikely place. Fans of the star know just how obsessed she is with bacon, but she took her love for the breakfast cuisine a step further by tattooing the word “bacon” on the bottom of her foot. She also has a “DD” on her hip - a matching tattoo she got with fellow model and BFF Jourdan Dunn. The two documented their night out in NYC and their stop at a tattoo parlor. The double D’s are said to stand for Delevingne and Dunn.

There is so much more to Cara than meets the eye. One of the reasons why the public is so fasci-nated by her is because she’s very forthcoming about her life, her struggles, and the pain she has endured in the past. During her school days, Cara struggled with depression and anxiety, and thoughts of committing suicide would flood her mind. She would bang her head against a tree in an effort to render herself unconscious, and she would also scratch herself until she bled. She took a break from the modeling industry because she was dealing with a rough patch in her life marked with a time of intense “self hatred.”

This is only the tip of the iceberg, and we’re pretty sure as Cara becomes even more comfortable with her time in the spotlight, she will reveal more facts about herself that we never knew.