20 Photos That Were PERFECTLY Timed


You need less than a second to take a photo. A camera can capture things we wouldn’t see if we blinked. And sometimes, that one millisecond turns out to be a hilarious picture that will last forever. Are you ready to see the results? Make sure to watch this video to see 20 photos that were perfectly timed.

Everything is a matter of perspective. Things that are far from us look small, and things that are close to us look big. And when we mix these two together, we get incredible results! A soldier had one great idea on his mind when he saw that his friends were coming out of a helicopter. He opened his mouth and pretended that he was eating them! His friends probably laughed out loud when they saw this photo.

He is not the only one who likes to take this kind of photo as a woman did something similar with her friend at the beach. One of them was jumping in the background while the other was sitting in front of the camera. When you see the picture, it just looks like a giant woman was playing with a tiny human being!

Sometimes, pictures are perfectly timed even though that is not what the photographer wanted to do. This is what often happens when they take pictures of athletes. Gymnasts are known for the incredible movements they can do. But what is even more impressive is that a woman was able to do all this even though she looked like she had a foot on top of her shoulder instead of a head. And there are many more athletes that were photographed at the right moment, too.

If you want to see more photos of dogs and cats that were perfectly timed, or people photobombing a picture by falling in the background, don’t miss this video!