20 People Who Made a Career Out Of Being A Twin


Being a twin is pretty much the luck of the draw. But what if that genetic game of chance actually helped you become a millionaire? Well, that is the case with lots of YouTubing twins. It’s like they were born with the perfect co-host for a YouTube show! That’s why we have compiled a list of 20 People Who Made a Career Out of Being a Twin.

Just take the Dolan twins for example. The boys are only 17, but because of their millions of subscribers and constant videos, they were able to move to Los Angeles alone and live in a roomy 2-bedroom apartment with a balcony that overlooks a pool.

The Merrell twins are another great example. The two girls used a Disney deal gone wrong to launch their YouTube channel and now can afford to pay for their college tuition and their family’s home. They are both majoring in different areas of entertainment in college so we think it’s safe to say this will be a lifelong career for them.

The Hodge twins are another set of siblings who have used YouTube to launch entire careers. Their comedy sketches, advice videos, and workout clips have gained them so many subscribers and fans that they now tour around and do their show live!

From the McClure twins to Niki and Gabi, there is no shortage of money out there for identical twins with great personalities and a camera. Want to know who else made the list? Stay tuned to 20 People Who Made a Career Out of Being a Twin! You’ll never guess how one set of twins went from being hair models to millionaires!