20 Parents Whose Sense Of Humor Is Better Than Their Kids


Parents are funny, especially when they try to communicate with their kids through modern technology. These parents kept their jokes and their sense of humor and turned it into awesome parenting. From trolling their kids with text messages and presents to some of the most creative jokes ever, these are the 20 parents whose sense of humor is better than their kids.

Let’s start with the parents who painted their house while their kid was away. But instead of painting the whole house, they wrote “dork” on the wall and pointed to their kids bedrooms. Talking about being totally savage! We’re pretty sure the entire neighborhood laughed at that one but we hope their kid has the same sense of humor.

Sometimes kids just never stop bothering their parents. This child sent so many text messages trying to get their mom’s attention, the mom had enough. We love modern parenting and we absolutely love it when they try to use gifs in their messages. This mom definitely got it right when she replied with a funny Mean Girls gif!

Funny parents will often take their sense of humor to a new level by making a funny joke out of a birthday present. This child thought they were going to get a laptop, but when they opened up the box, it turned out to be a picture of Migos with text “rain drop, drop top, ha you thought you got a laptop.”

From the parents that painted their house with words “dork” to funny parent text messages, presents, and other puns, these are the parents whose sense of humor is better than their kids.