20 Hot Daughters Of Celebs You Need To See


Being a celebrity child is nothing short of being a celebrity, courtesy all the media attention and the coverage they receive. However, while some of the daughters of well known celebrities are fairly popular, there are a few daughters of celebrities you do not know of. And, mind you, they are all hot!

Be it Rowan Atkinson's daughter Lily Atkinson or Meryl Streep's daughter Louisa Gummer, they are all hot as fire and you are sure to mistake them for a celebrity themselves; though some actually are! For instance, there is Eric Roberts’ daughter Emma Roberts, and then there is Dakota Johnson, daughter of Melanie Griffith and of course, Francesca Eastwood as well.

Despite all the media attention that their parents receive, there are certain hot daughters of popular celebrities you don't know of, and if you do wish to get your hands over that list, then you must watch the following video. We have a list of 20, do you think you know all of them? Check out for yourself!