20 Differences Between Pretty Little Liars Books And TV Show


“Pretty Little Liars” might have officially wrapped up in 2017, but the mysteries live on. Did you know that there are plenty of “Pretty Little Liars” novels out there that actually came out before the books? And they aren’t actually the same as the TV show. So if you’re missing out on your regular “Pretty Little Liars” fix, you might want to grab the books. From adding some characters and removing some, to completely changing the storylines and even revealing one of the biggest mysteries ever, these are the 20 differences between “Pretty Little Liars” books and TV show.

Did you know that Ezria wasn’t as big in the books as it was on the TV show? And that Alison was the real A all along in the books? And that there’s no Caleb, and that him and Hanna aren’t dating? And that except for Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Alison, Emily, and Mona all look different?