20 Crazy Kitchen Gadgets You Need In Your Life


We all know typical kitchen gadgets like toasters, salt and pepper shakers, egg yolk separators, popcorn makers, and wine holders. But wait until you see these totally innovative and just a little bit crazy kitchen gadgets you absolutely need to have in your life! We are completely in love with the unique egg yolk separator!

Let’s start with the cannon popcorn maker. Why would you put popcorn in a microwave, when you can load it up in a canon and let the popcorn shoot out into your bowl? This popcorn maker is a crazy, unique, and an extremely fun kitchen gadget we never knew we needed in our lives until now.

Wine holders are usually extremely simple and hidden away from the public. But you’ll want to put these amazing animal wine holders on display. From a giraffe who’s really thirsty for some wine to a snake that gracefully wraps up around your favorite bottle, this crazy kitchen gadget is a must-have.

And let’s not forget about the crazy egg yolk separator that makes your yolks look like boogers! Sure, it’s gross but it’s also completely hilarious and a must-have kitchen gadget for anyone with a sense of humor. If you want to make baking more fun, grab yourself one of these!

What kitchen gadget do you frequently use? Replace it with these crazy and unique gadgets! From egg yolk separators, magical salt and pepper shakers, canon popcorn makers, and tree toasters to animal wine holders, these are some of the craziest kitchen gadgets you need in your life!