20 Celebs Who DON'T Like the Kardashians


No matter what you do or where you turn, you just can’t escape the Kardashians. The family has completely infiltrated the entertainment industry, and if you’re tired of seeing their faces everywhere, you’re not alone. There are many celebrities who feel the exact same way, and they don’t bite their tongues when it comes to discussing the family’s fame.

On an episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kathy Griffin talked about being seated next to Kim at a celebrity breakfast. She said it was hard to even have a decent conversation with the reality TV star because Kim was “super stupid.” Janice Dickinson also had a similar experience with Kim and her family. The former supermodel said she has known the family for years, and they have always snubbed her. In an interview Dickinson said, “Paris Hilton? Kim Kar-trashian? Sluts, whores and sluts. That's what they are.” She then described Kim’s butt as a “heap of lard,” and she called her a “fake” and a “hoax.”

Actress Rebel Wilson was completely confused by how the family has able to become so popular. She blamed the source of their success on Kim’s sex tape with Ray J, and she said the entire family goes against “everything I stand for. “

It seems like morals is a big reason why many celebs won’t be signing up for the Kardashian fan club anytime soon. Director David Cross said the entire family probably sits around all day and thanks Kim for sucking “that guy’s d*ck” and leaking her sex tape. And Naya Rivera, who was once friends with Kim, expressed her displeasure for the reality star when Kim’s butt was revealed on the cover of “Paper” magazine. Naya left a comment underneath Kim’s Instagram which read, ”I normally don't. But…you're someone's mother.”

Other celebrities are concerned with how the entertainment world and celebrity culture will change thanks to the Kardashians. Jon Hamm said,”Whether it's Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated.” And Italian model Fabio simply called Kim “trash.” He then went on to say the entire family only cares about “money.” He described them as “nothing but money whores.”

The Hip Hop world is also getting tired of the Kardashians. After Kanye released his song “Perfect B*tch” in dedication to Kim, 50 Cent said, ”If a man feels like she’s perfect, then she's perfect….One man's trash is another man's treasure.” Snoop Dogg also attacked Kanye after the rapper started dating Kim. In a video, Snoop called Kim a “h*,” and told Kanye, “You can’t make a h* a housewife. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.”