20 Celebs Who Dissed Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj has cemented herself at the top of the music charts thanks to her catchy beats and flawless lyrics. Her fans just can’t get enough of her, and the entertainment industry always makes sure she’s front and center at A-list events. But there are some celebs who are sick and tired of Nicki. They’ve publicly bashed her online, in interviews, and on national television. From Drake to Gucci Mane, Demi Lovato, and Mariah Carey, let’s take a look at the superstars who aren’t a fan of the Queens, New York rapper. This is 20 Celebs Who Dissed Nicki Minaj.

When Taylor Swift dissed Nicki for her remarks about the nominees of MTV’s VMA Video of the Year category, Swift found some support from Miley Cyrus. Cyrus said Nicki wasn’t very “polite,” and she said the rapper wasn’t too kind either. We’re sure Farrah Abraham would agree with her. Watch our video to see how her feud with Nicki spiraled out of control!

Nicki has used her songs as a way to take digs at some of her competitors, including rapper Remy Ma. Remy fought back by claiming Nicki had gone under the knife and had hooked up with singer Trey Songz on her diss track called “ShETHER.” When Trey heard the allegations, he decided to stay out of the mix and stay focused on his work, and that really riled Nicki up! Watch our video to see how it all played out.

If you think these disses are bad, wait until you hear how Tyga, Drake, Cher, Azealia Banks, Cardi B, Rihanna, Iggy Azalea, Lil Kim, Laura Saltman, Billy Bush, Eve, and Lil Mama dissed her. Let us know if you think any of these celebs went too far with their digs at the “Anaconda” rapper.