17 Everyday Things You've Been Doing Wrong


We all do so many things on auto-pilot, but if you stop to think about it, you’ll realize there are lots of everyday things you’ve been doing wrong. Plenty of these are in the kitchen, from preparing food, snacks and drinks to eating, drinking and serving them. Then there are things to do with clothes and accessories that you’re doing all wrong too, from storing them to wearing them. We’ve found 17 life hacks to help you discover the right way to do things.

Do you just put up with having empty corners in your sandwich? You don’t need to once you’ve learnt how to make a sandwich properly, with circular fillings covering all the bread. We’ll also show you the best way to eat a cupcake, so that you get frosting in every bite (and keep your fingers cleaner too). If you’re serving a big cake, avoid it getting stale on the edges by following this top tip on how to cut a cake correctly. When it comes to serving sauce, you’ve been using those sauce cups all wrong. There are ridges on them for a reason. And when it comes to eating a banana correctly, take a look at a monkey for the proper way to do it.

Some food containers are actually built with helpful features that pretty much nobody knows about. Does your child always end up accidentally squeezing juice all over themselves when they grab hold of their juice box in the middle? There’s an easy hack to stop juice spillages and it’s right there on the box ready for you to discover. The same is true of yogurt containers with two sections. There’s a helpful hack built-in to the design to help you mix the two sides. And those Tic Tac boxes are designed to let you dispense one at a time. Once you know how, you’ll never shake a whole load all over the floor again.

When it comes to how to take a t-shirt off in one smooth move, you’ll wish you learned this trick sooner. And once you learn how to store t-shirts the right way, you’ll never struggle to find the one you’re looking for again. As for the right way to pack clothes, this hack will let you pack even more outfits and keep them crease-free. Think you know how to use a bobby pin correctly? Think again. And the correct way to wear earphones will blow your mind.

Watch our video now, which includes how to use a plunger, how to cross out words and how to stop a pan boiling over, and check off all the everyday things you’ve been doing incorrectly.