15 Ways the Internet Has Changed Your Life


Ten years ago, we were just getting used to the internet. And now, we can’t imagine our lives without it. Smartphones, social media, and video games have become such an important part of our life that many of us have become addicted. From our lifestyle and our health to communication and getting information, here are 15 Ways the Internet Has Changed Your Life.

Back in the days, we used to ask a person face to face if they wanted to go on a date. But now that we have Tinder, dating has become much easier, but also much more complicated. With online communication, many people turn to ghosting, and this is making a lot of people upset. Just wait until you hear how many people have been victims of this sad way to end a relationship.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media, but also the one that has the worst consequences on our mental health. That’s because seeing all these pictures of our friends make us feel like we are missing out. But don’t worry, you can still watch this video. That’s because YouTube is one of the most positive websites!

Stay tuned to hear more about 15 ways the internet has changed our lives when it comes to cooking, taking selfies, watching the television, shopping, reading, looking for something on Google, and much more. Did the internet change your life in any other way? Don’t be shy to tell us how in the comments down below. We love to know what you think!