15 Times People Regretted Their DECISION


We’ve all made mistakes in our lives, and some of them we just can’t help but look back on with regret. While those moments are painful to reflect upon, they’re less painful than having an actual photo of your regretful moment immortalized online. Oh, and some of the photos we have show things that must have been quite physically painful, like the bike rider who decided to do a sweet jump off a ramp without wearing any protective gear. We’re guessing this fail ended up in at least a few band aids being applied. Adding more wheels to a vehicle doesn’t seem to make it much safer, as we’ve also spotted people wiping out on their 4-wheelers, and taking some other people with them for good measure. We bet that those riders sure regret hitching a ride, or at least they will when they regain consciousness. Just for fun, we’ll also show you an adorable little corgi who wanted to go for a sleigh ride, and a cat who took a pool float out to lounge on. Both of their facial expressions are absolutely priceless! On the less painful side of things, we’ll show you a mother who regretted not keeping a better grip on her child’s sweet 16 birthday cake, and a man who learned not to hold his cup over people’s heads. Some of these photos capture the instant that someone realizes they’ve failed in an epic manner, and their faces are absolutely priceless.