15 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Disney Princesses


We’ve all grown up watching these characters, but there’s a lot we never knew about them, as these 15 surprising things you didn’t know about Disney princesses prove. There are some really interesting facts about Disney princesses to learn, from finding out which princess was Walt Disney’s favorite to getting the lowdown on which princess is the only one to kiss a villain. Discover fascinating facts about all the Disney princesses, from the first to the most recent, in our video.

When you discover the ages that these princesses are meant to be, you’ll be shocked. One is as young as 14. And the oldest is just 21 (the rest are teenagers). That’s a whole lot of experience for an awfully young age. The newest Disney princess, Moana reminds the movie’s director of a particular princess: can you guess whom before we reveal the answer? You’ll also learn the inspiration behind the new TV princess Elena of Avalor being the first ever Latina princess from Disney. And that’s all down to another princess and a case of mistaken identity.

If you ever wanted to know exactly how long Rapunzel hair is or why Ariel is a redhead, then you’ll find the answers to all these questions and more. You’ll also find out how long Merida’s curls would be if her hair was straightened, and why Elsa’s ice palace changes colour. Directors, screenplay writers and voice artists have all revealed interesting facts over the years about the Disney princesses, like why Belle has a wisp of hair that keeps falling in her face.

Discover which princess is the only one to sing a duet with a villain, and which is the only one to kiss a bad guy. Plus find out which two Disney princesses are the only ones to have more than one love interest. Did you realize only one Disney princess has an official job? Or that only one of them is based on a real person? You’ll discover that two of the princesses have one big thing in common, and that’s their singing voice. Prepare to learn a whole lot more about Aurora, Tiana, Mulan, Pocahontas, Snow White, Cinderella, Anna and Jasmine as we reveal everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite Disney princesses.

Watch our video to discover 15 surprising things you didn’t know about Disney princesses, and let us know in comments which facts you think are most interesting.