15 People Who Said The Most Shocking Things On Whisper


These 15 people who said the most shocking things on Whisper will make your jaw drop. When you can share your deepest secrets without anyone knowing who you are, it’s not surprising that you’ll reveal a lot more than you would in a normal conversation. But some of these confessions are astounding. These people have poured out their real thoughts and feelings thanks to the app letting them divulge their secrets without having to put their identity to it. From sex confessions and drunken mistakes to family secrets and worker revelations, our video has it all.

There’s obviously a lot of secrecy around adultery and affairs. So when you read about the details on Whisper, you get a lot more information than you normally would in a conversation. Like how people got caught out cheating by the worst person imaginable (and it’s not even their partner). And how there can be no such thing as family loyalty when your sibling and partner get jiggy with it, and during Thanksgiving dinner no less. People also reveal how they found out their kids weren’t their own, and some of these revelations are brutal.

Most families have some skeletons in the closet, and those around adoption and abuse are often kept quiet forever. But these come tumbling out on Whisper. Kids will often confess things that their parents would be furious about. Coworkers also reveal what really went down at their office holiday party. And people’s true natures are revealed in their rawest state. Just imagine if all of these anonymous posts suddenly had the writers’ real identities attached to them? There’d be a lot of fall out, that’s for sure.

A lot of shocking confessions on Whisper are funny too. Like revelations about embarrassing drunken behavior. Or the awkward moment when your child walks in on you doing the business with your partner. And what a valet really gets up to with your car. But many of these revelations are actually quite disturbing. Like when a child tells you about something freaky in their closet. Or when someone reveals how their brother would kill them. You’ll be laughing one minute, dropping your jaw the next, and feeling totally grossed out straight after when you hear all of these shocking things said on Whisper.

Watch our video to see the most shocking things said on Whisper, and let us know which one shocked you the most in comments.