15 Odd Things Your Body Parts Reveal About You


You have looked in the mirror a million times, but are there things about yourself you didn’t know the mirror was showing you? From your eyebrows, to the shape of your nose, there are several things your body is trying to tell you about yourself! Listen up because today we are discussing 15 Things Your Body Parts Reveal About You!

Your face has several components, and who knew that each part of it could say something different? Though it has been known to be a bad thing to turn up your nose, people with noses that turn up are known to be kind and optimistic. People with snub noses are usually physically and mentally quick-witted. Those with a hawk nose are thought to be loners, who are most happy when they are pursuing their own goals and projects. There is a reason people are looking to fillers to get larger lips. People with larger and fuller lips are the most attractive to the opposite sex. Though, women with thin lips are known to have longer lasting relationships. Women with full lips and big mouths are thought to be really lucky, and popular.

Your eyes are known as the gateway to your soul, but that’s not all they reveal. The color of your eyes can tell you many things about yourself. Brown eyed people tend to be more kind and are considered the most trustworthy eye color. Those with blue eyes are said to seem peaceful, but are the least trustworthy eye color. People with green eyes tend to have a million things on their mind, and can get bored quite easily. Having the perfect eyebrows has become important in the beauty industry, and you might want to pay more attention to what your eyebrows say about you. Thick and dark eyebrows indicate someone who is a good friend and likes to party. While thin eyebrows means this person is a stickler for the rules, and may not be much fun. One rule of thumb, messy eyebrows mean messy financial life!

When it comes to your body, there are several things your shape and size can tell you about your health and personality! Women tend to prefer men without hair on their chest, as having a lot of chest hair means you may have higher levels of estrogen. When it comes to chest size, larger bust women have the advantage. Not only are their bra sizes bigger, but their IQ’s tend to be larger than smaller busted women as well! Researchers have found that men with “dad bods,” a nickname for having a bit of a gut, tend to outdo skinnier guys when it comes to bedroom activities. This is because men with bigger bellies have higher levels of female hormones, which makes them last longer in bed. Belly buttons can also be revealing, as women who have bowl-shape or concave belly buttons are sensitive and prone to worry. It’s true the hips don’t lie, and having bigger hips could be good for your health. Though women who have larger hips tend to be more forgetful, it isn’t all bad for large hipped ladies. If you are someone who stores far more on your hips than your tummy, it may mean you are less likely to suffer from heart disease and diabetes.

Your lower half even has a lot to reveal about you! According to research, the longer the legs the healthier you are. Short legs could mean that you had poor childhood nutrition, which can affect liver function. But, having longer legs means that you are less likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes. For every 4.3 cm increase in leg length research showed a 19% reduction in risk! They’ve been getting more attention lately, but who knew that your bum could actually help reveal parts of your personality? People with rounded rear ends tend to be happy and optimistic. Those who have a flat backside may be vain and possibly not very happy. It is also believed that pear-shaped bottoms belong to people who are down to earth.