15 Kinds Of Selfie Faces Every Girl Makes on Instagram


When a girl gets all dolled up, smiles for the camera, and says “cheese,” it’s likely she’s doing one of the most common selfie faces. Back in the day, most girls resorted to the classic Myspace mirror pose, but these days, a girl’s selfie options are endless. Here are a few selfie faces every girl makes on Instagram.

The duck face originated during the Myspace days, but girls still use this timeless pose for their Instagram selfies. With their lips pursed, their cheekbones are on fleek. This pose started off looking sexy, but now, it’s more comical than anything.

For girls who aren’t a fan of duck face, they usually resort to the lip bite for most of their selfies. By gently biting her lower lip, a girl sends out a strong message to anyone who comes across her picture. You know she means trouble…in a good way, of course.

When a girl wants to look sultry, she takes cues from magazine cover models. The fish gape was made popular by supermodels like Cara Delevingne. It involves slightly opening the mouth and showing a tiny bit of teeth.

When a girl wants to show off her animal side, she holds up her hand like a claw. Many believe Lady Gaga, whose been spotted posing with her hand like a paw, was the creator of this cute, adorable and playful selfie pose.

The squinch is all about squinting the eyes a bit and staring into the camera seductively. Although it makes girls look like they’re blinded by a bright light, many girls’ Instagram accounts are full of this type of selfie.

The model world is definitely a source of inspiration for many selfies. Supermodel Tyra Banks made the smize popular on her hit show “America’s Next Top Model.” Smizing is the art of smiling with your eyes while your mouth stays closed in a subtle half-smile.

Girls, tell us the truth. Are you guilty of making any of these selfie faces for your Instagram profile?