15 Family Photos That Went A Little Too Far!


Sometimes our families can drive us absolutely up the wall. But few things make you appreciate your own wacky clan like experiencing the weirdness that is someone else’s family. Even a simple photo can be enough to prove that you’re better off with your own family. We’ll show you fifteen cringe-inducing photos of families who took their portraits just a little bit too far. Incorporating your pets into your family photo can be a nice thing, but if you own six chimps, that is just too much monkeying around for one photograph. There is a wide array of pictures out there that perfectly encapsulate the awkwardness that can be your family during Christmas time. Whether your parents make you and your siblings dress up like reindeer or like a Christmas tree, you’re guaranteed to end up with an excruciatingly awkward photo. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a holiday for your parents to embarrass you. They could very well line up a whole battalion of port a potties in preparation of you very special picture. If your mom just isn’t feeling it, sometimes dad can carry the weight of the whole family by looking extra. . . extra. Like the dad who decided a picture with his wife and son would be the perfect way to show off his muscles. Having your extended family make it into your picture is usually nice, unless grandma is less than thrilled about waking up from her nap to be in your inane family portrait.