15 Exam Hacks That Are Straight Up Cheating


Trying to have a social life and study for school at the same time can get tough. It seems as though people have found a way around studying, and have done some pretty risky things in order to pass their exams! From wearing see through tights, to turning their desks into speakers, these are 15 exam hacks that are straight up cheating!

This may be a trick only the ladies could pull off. Before their exam, this girl made a few tiny cheat sheets on some notebook paper. Then, on the day of their exam they taped the sheets to their upper thighs and secured them by wearing see through tights. The also made sure to wear a skirt so they could easily access the cheat sheet by revealing their upper thigh. Not only did they have the answers, but they could also spot any pervert who tried to catch them!

Though this method is very sneaky, it can be really risky, so this person must have proceeded with caution. They needed an MP3 player, and a device that turned their ordinary desk into a speaker. They loaded their MP3 player with audio notes, and then attached the speaker device to their desk, and made sure the volume was very low. When they were stuck on a question, they put their head on their desk, and took a listen as the device made their desk into a sneaky little audio cheat sheet.

Another advantage the ladies have is being able to stuff a cheat sheet into their cleavage. Before their exam this person made a tiny cheat sheet to stick to their shirt on the day of the exam. When they were stuck on a question, they just pretended they were getting something out of their bra, but looked at the cheat sheet instead! If someone tried to catch them, they could call them out for looking down their shirt!

It’s time to turn in an 8-page report, and someone was just falling short. They decided to leave the margins alone, and made the periods a size larger. This can be achieved by replacing all the periods in their paper with a larger size font. Using Word they went to the “Edit” drop menu and selected “Find,” once there they then selected the “Replace” tab where they found two text boxes, and typed “.” into both of them. When they were done with that, they selected “Advanced Options” and made sure to replace the smaller “.” with larger font “.”s. Then they watched the space fill up on their report!

Only a rock star could pull off the fake arm exam hack! On the day of their exam they wore a hoodie that allowed them to easily hide a fake arm in it. Once they were at their desk, they put their fake arm on the table, and used their now free arm to access their smart phone. They could easily look up all the answers without drawing any unwanted attention to themselves.

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