15 Disney Princesses Who Switched Lives


Disney brings us brand new worlds and takes our imagination to a new level. With that, many become inspired and create their very own versions of Disney princesses, including switching their lives. Some turn Snow White into a mermaid and others give Pocahontas Rapunzel’s long hair. The results are absolutely amazing and you’re about to see 15 Disney princesses who switched lives!

Let’s start with one of our favorite princesses ever, Rapunzel. Now imagine what would happen if she’d switch lives with Pocahontas! We bet that long blonde hair would get in the way of her day-to-day activities. But judging from the picture, it looks like it would give Meeko some impressive braiding skills!

Tiana in Elsa’s world would also be a very interesting experience. We never got to see how Tiana would act as an actual princess. Unlike with other Disney princesses, Tiana’s story was more focused on her life before she married into her princess title. Well, she’d definitely rock Elsa’s look!

It’s always an interesting debate when you ask the question who’s better: Merida or Mulan? To be honest, we still haven’t figured that one out, but we did find out how the two would look like if they switched lives! Do you think Merida would fit better in Mulan’s world or would it work better the other way around?

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