15 Crazy Facts About Kissing You Didnt Know


What is a better way to show someone you love them than laying a big kiss on their face? But, what else are you sharing when you share a kiss with someone? From swapping microbes to the first kiss on film, these are 15 crazy facts about kissing you didn’t know!

Of course no good thing comes without its risks, and unfortunately kissing does have its risks! The most common known diseases that transfer from kissing is mononucleosis, and herpes simplex virus type 1. There is also a low chance HIV can be transferred, though it has happened before due to a specific situation. One HIV positive man kissed a woman and transferred HIV because they both had gum disease, which caused his blood to exchange with hers during the kiss. Thus, giving the woman HIV.

Did you know that your style of kissing is developed in the womb? Studies show that most fetuses tilt their head to the right while in the womb. Tilting your head to the right is the most prevalent kissing position, which suggests that fetuses are practicing this behavior! This means you’ve been practicing your kissing technique since before you were even born.

When you kiss your partner, your swapping more than just saliva. You are actually swapping up to 80 million microbes between the two of you. Research has show that if a couple kisses more than 9 times a day, they will even share similar bacteria makeup on their tongues! This brings new meaning to “what’s mine is yours”!

When it comes to world records, the kissing world record seems like time well spent. One couple in Thailand made headlines in 2013 when they broke the world record for longest kiss, by kissing for over 2 days. In fact the couple kissed for 58 hours, 35 minutes, and 58 seconds total. The lip locking world champs beat the previous titleholders by over 27 hours and 17 minutes!

Not only is kissing good for your health, but there are also actual psychological changes taking place when you kiss someone. You may start to crave more kisses from someone because your dopamine levels spike after a kiss. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s pleasure centers, and is also spiked when an addict partakes in their addiction. You will also start releasing the “love hormone” oxytocin, which is responsible for your sudden feelings of attachment!

It may be surprising, but the same guy who invented the light bulb, also recorded the first ever kiss on film. In 1896, Thomas Edison recorded a 23 second long short film “The Kiss” that featured nothing but two actors kissing one another. The film was quite scandalous for the prudish Victorian era society.

While most of the world use kisses as a form of physical communication, there are still cultures that don’t kiss. In fact, about 10% of the world’s population doesn’t kiss at all. Instead of locking lips, these people show their affection for one another by licking or biting.