15 Beauty Bloggers That Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself


Thanks to the natural beauty movement, more lifestyle bloggers are breaking the mold with what is considered attractive . Not only do these women celebrate their natural good looks, but they teach you how to do the same! From a woman who inspires others to love the skin they're in, to a fitness blogger who didn’t shave for a whole year, these are 15 beauty bloggers that will make you feel better about yourself.

It’s hard to come back from a traumatic event, and there are several women on this list who have their personal experiences with trauma. One of the most inspirational stories comes from Shalom Blac. At just nine years old, an incident left her with burn scars on her face and body. She now uses her makeup tutorials to help people like herself feel better about the skin they are in. Another blogger who rose from the ashes is Jordan Bone. After a car wreck left her bound to a wheelchair for life, she now uses her skin and makeup routines and story to inspire others!

It’s common knowledge that women are expected to wax and shave. There is a billion dollar industry dedicated to this beauty standard. One fitness blogger decided to fight against this standard and promote her natural allure by not shaving for a whole year. The results were shocking, and she hoped to encourage other women to accept their natural hairy bodies!