15 Annoying Facebook Posts That Can Get You Unfriended


We’ve all unfriended people on Facebook for being annoying. But, are there some things you’ve been doing that could get you unfriended too? From changing your profile picture too often, to checking in everywhere you go, these are 15 annoying Facebook posts that will get you unfriended!

Everyone has seen the “humble brag” post, and you may have posted one yourself. They usually go something like this, “Just landed in Paris with the worst jet lag, hopefully it’s better before I get to Rome!” We get it; your life is so much more interesting and awesome than your friends. Spare everyone and just enjoy your vacation off the Facebook grid! To be fair when something important happens in your life, it’s hard not to announce it to the world. But, people have to realize that Facebook isn’t your personal press conference. You don’t have to have “Official” announcements when important things happen to you. Your Facebook friends are your actual friends and family, not reporters ready to inform the world of your “Official” Facebook announcement.

There are those people who share too much information, and then there are those people who share way too much personal information. No one needs to know what you just did in the bathroom, and you definitely shouldn’t take a selfie while you are in there. We also don’t need to know all the details of changing your child’s diaper, why do we even have to say this? You don’t have to check in everywhere you go. In fact, it’s probably better that you don’t. You aren’t convincing anyone that you don’t lie in bed on Facebook all day. What you are really doing is helping a stalker plan their attack. We also don’t need to know that you did laundry today and you are cooking dinner, everyone does that, and it’s not a Facebook revelation.

We’ve all done it and we’ve all seen it, the pointless hashtags. You get overly excited and hashtag everything you can see in the photo, from #sunset to #puppyears. There is just no reason for all of this, and it comes across a bit desperate. Everyone knows hashtags are used to get views on your photo, so using too many seems like a cry for attention. We’ve all seen that person who posts a photo of themselves, then writes how ugly they feel. This is the most blatant way someone can fish for compliments, and it’s extremely annoying. Have some self-confidence, and enough awareness to know that saying you look bad in order to get compliments actually makes you look worse.

Everyone knows what you look like, so updating your profile photo 4 times a week is a bit excessive. Not only is it annoying, but it also makes it seem like you have nothing better to do than update a photo of yourself. What’s worse is if you are constantly changing your profile photo, but it’s the same 2 photos every time. Just stop already!

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