Here at TheThings, we all remember the toys we had when we were small children. They were more than just toys, they were friends and confidants, too. Pretty much every kid has at least one special toy that they spent a lot of time with, and might even keep when they’'re grown up, too. But what if your favorite toy was haunted? Today, we are going to show you 10 Haunted Toys Caught on Camera.

Have you ever bought a bargain from a second-hand shop? Today, you’'ll learn how one woman did, but soon wished she hadn’'t. That’’s because she’’d got herself a doll, and that doll was haunted. Her husband ended up with scratch marks on his legs, and when she sold it, something similar happened to the man who bought it.

Puppets have to move. That’'s why they are puppets, and not dolls. When a paranormal investigator heard about a puppet that tried to throttle its owner, then she had to look into it. When she filmed it over three months, she found something she said was exciting, but we think it's pretty scary!

If you’'ve ever seen the film “Annabelle,” then you’'ll remember the scary porcelain doll that terrorized people. But did you know the movie is based on a true story? And the doll in question isn’'t made from porcelain, but something far more commonplace.

You’’ll also find out about one family’'s cursed doll, a strange baby that gives us the creeps, a possessed doll that’'s become a tourist attraction, and much more. Keep watching until the end to learn about the doll that looks like a real life version of “Pennywise” from “"It." Make sure you subscribe to TheThings and tell us what you think about these 10 Haunted Toys Hidden on Camera.

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