100 year old hacks that still work today


We are always looking for new and innovative solutions to everyday problems. But sometimes it doesn’t hurt to look to the past for the answers. It turns out that there is a wealth of great tips from the early 1900s that are still applicable today. In this video, we’ll show you how to do things better using very simple techniques. While we have a range of medicines and antibiotics available to us, they can be expensive and overusing antibiotics can cause many issues. Instead, try going into your kitchen pantry to find a cure. If you have a stuffy nose or a bug bite, we have a few items you can add to your grocery shopping list that should help. But if you find yourself stuck with a splinter instead, don’t worry; we have a way to remedy that as well. If you’ve gotten yourself an awesome new pair of leather shoes and are worried about maintaining them properly, we have a classic method that works wonders. It may be a bit vintage, but that box of borax lurking in the laundry aisle is something that can solve a lot of your housekeeping dilemmas. Should you have an expensive vase you’d like to keep upright and not in pieces on the floor, we can help with that. And we’ll make sure those flowers stay fresh for as long as possible. And a splash of vinegar can not only help you out if your egg breaks, it can even make a hard boiled egg easier to peel!