10 Youtubers Who Are Older Than You Think


YouTubers turn on their cameras and broadcast themselves for the world to see. Even if you are just becoming familiar with these stars, some of them have been doing this for nearly a decade. This can make it pretty hard to believe they are in the traditional 18-24-year-old YouTuber demographic. Just wait until you see who is on this list of 10 YouTubers who are older than you think.

Tyler Oakley got his start on YouTube when he was a college freshman. He wanted a way to show his friends what he was up to at school. If you were to look at Tyler Oakley, you might guess that he is about 23 years old, but you are about half a decade off!

Oakley isn’t the only person to fool people by looking younger. Famous beauty YouTuber Zoella also looks really young! She’s become so successful that 11 million people flock to her channel for everything from beauty advice to her latest shopping hauls. Would you believe that she is over the age of 25? Neither did we, but it’s true.

One of the most surprising real ages of YouTubers has to be the actual age of Wengie. If you don’t know who Wengie is, she’s a Chinese-born beauty and lifestyle blogger who was raised in Australia. She gave up her corporate six-figure 9-5 to pursue a career through YouTube. It’s totally paying off, but you would never believe she is over the age of 30 would you?