10 Youtubers That Look EXACTLY Like Disney Characters


People love Disney, and people love YouTube. Sometimes these worlds collide without anyone noticing. Have you ever wondered why Logan Paul looks so familiar? Maybe you have seen Zoella’s face somewhere else before? We will show you why you’re feeling this way because these are ten YouTubers that look exactly like Disney characters.

Logan Paul’s rise to fame came from the six-second video app Vine. Luckily, since the termination of Vine, he has been able to springboard his career into real life stardom. He has had several roles in web series, and now he’s taking over the movie industry. But, does his face look familiar to you? That may be because he looks like a certain Disney superhero!

Logan Paul isn’t the only YouTuber to twin with someone in the Disney universe, because long time YouTuber Jenna Marbles has her own Disney twin. Marbles has been making fans laugh with her weekly videos since 2010. Though her Disney twin isn’t a human, audiences can’t help but love her, much like how fans can’t help but love Jenna Marbles.

Thanks to her YouTube channel and beauty blog, YouTuber Zoella has been named “Forbes Most Influential Beauty Player” of 2017. Fans love her YouTube channel because it feels like she is talking directly to them. When you consider her beauty and her work ethic, you won’t be surprised to see her Disney character twin!

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