10 YouTubers People Love To Hate


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a famous YouTuber? To have millions of loyal fans who watch your videos every day and who support you in everything that you do? Many of us dream of having the fancy lifestyles that our favorite YouTubers live. But we're not sure that we'd be ready for all the hate that comes along with being famous. Watch our video to see the top 10 YouTubers People Love to Hate.

Take Justin Bieber, who first got discovered through YouTube. His 2011 music video "Baby" was one of the most disliked videos on YouTube for a very long time. His YouTube comments section is also full of people telling him that he's talentless. Yet this successful musician is still able to sell 1 billion records and can even sell out huge stadiums for his concerts. Are you still a Belieber?

Then look at PewDiePie, who is YouTube's most subscribed to YouTuber with over 56 million subscribers. This online personality is popular for playing video games and vlogging, yet he's equally unpopular for the excessive swearing and rudeness in his videos. His Bro Army may be huge but with that big fan base comes an even bigger group of people who love to hate on him.

Do you want to know why YouTubers like Adam Saleh, Nicole Arbour, Keemstar, Shane Dawson, and Jake Paul are always getting hated on?