10 You Tubers Who Defended Logan Paul


YouTubers face a lot of pressure to maintain a high number of subscribers and this can lead them to post videos they may regret. This was definitely the case when Logan Paul Posted a video of a body hanging from a tree in Aokigahara Forest known as a place where people take their own lives. Specialists say that sensationalizing self-inflicted fatalities runs the risk of making it attractive, especially to a young audience like Logan Paul’s viewers. While there is plenty to say against the video, today we’re going over 10 YouTubers Who Defend Logan Paul.

Although Paul has issued two apologies for the video and admits that it was an error of judgment and a huge mistake, the video has undermined his and YouTube’s reputation. Some YouTubers and related celebrities such as Boogie2988, TomSka, Tanner Fox, and Sam Pepper, to name a few, have defended Logan Paul placing the blame on YouTube or even viewers themselves. Let us know who you agree and disagree with in the comments!