10 WTF Online Shopping Fails From Amazon


Amazon celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2015, and the ecommerce website had much to be proud of. Amazon has turned into the one-stop shop for many online shoppers who are on the hunt for everything, from paper towels to nail polish and winter coats. The shopping possibilities are endless, that’s why we really weren’t too surprised when we stumbled across some rather unconventional items that really made us scratch our heads. We like to call these 10 products some of the best “WTF” items on the entire website.

When it comes to some of the best WTF items, we noticed a striking similarity: unicorns. In fact, two of the items we found on Amazon contained unicorns in some form. First, there was the cigarette case with a graphic that depicted a dolphin and a unicorn in the throes of passion. It’s super creepy, but comical at the same time. Can you imagine pulling out this cigarette case the next time a stranger asks you for a smoke? That would definitely be awkward!

But back to unicorns, another WTF product we stumbled upon was a can of unicorn meat. Now, we don’t know exactly where this meat came from, and the nutritional content isn’t even listed on the production description, but according to a few reviewers, this unicorn meat is bound to make you toot a rainbow. Yeah, we’re just as puzzled as you are. Moving on…

We never thought we’d see the day when the answer to all of our drunk prayers would arrive. But finally, we now know we will never have to worry about smuggling a bottle of liquor into a bar or nightclub ever again! Typical flasks will quickly get you booted from any fine establishment, so some genius came up with this tampon flask that will conceal all your yummy booze in the form of a feminine product! One ounce of your favorite alcohol can fit in the flask, and it even comes with a funnel to make pouring a breeze!

Another WTF products we came across is The Face Blanket - the blanket that promises to keep your face warm during those chilly nights. This blanket ensures you don’t have to pull an entire blanket over your head to stay warm, and there’s no need to worry about breathing. The Face Blanket comes with a breathing hole to ensure you get a restful night of sleep without suffocating.

One of our favorite bizarre products on Amazon is the Gift of Nothing. Yup, it’s actually nothing - as in zilch, zip, nada. This is the perfect gift for the person who has everything, because we guarantee you they don’t have nothing! Instead of giving a naughty family member a pile of coal, stick the gift of nothing in their stocking and let the L-O-L’s ensue!

Amazon is a marketplace full of some practical and a bunch of bizarre items. We came up with the 10 best wacky products, but we’re pretty sure there’s even more items out there that will make you say “WTF!”