10 Worst Girlfriends EVER


Some guys may joke that they’ve got the worst girlfriend in the world, but just wait until they discover just how extreme the 10 worst girlfriends ever are. Chances are a bit of nagging or some low-key jealousy won’t seem so bad when compared with women who have stabbed, bitten, beaten and killed their boyfriends. These 10 women take the label of bad girlfriend to a whole new shocking level.

A lot of couples get into arguments and unkind things might be said in the heat of the moment. But there’s a big difference between saying something you regret and doing something you might live to regret. Like beating your much older boyfriend senseless with his own cane, as Kristina Pongracz did. Or using a sharp object to stab your boyfriend, like Tatiana Bastos did when she was overcome with jealousy about her ex having a new girlfriend and turning down her advances. She stabbed him where it hurts the most. Diane Clayton also used a knife in a row with her boyfriend, and you won’t believe the trivial reason for her anger.

Some of the worst girlfriends in the world use a weapon to hurt their boyfriend. But others use the sharpest thing in their own bodies: their teeth. It will make you wince to hear about how Katya Kharitovonova reacted when she discovered her husband and her best friend getting intimate. Let’s just say she used her mouth on his manhood in a way no man would enjoy. And Tracy Davies used her teeth to change her boyfriend’s appearance forever when she asked for a kiss and he ended up with part of his body spat out on the floor.

The most extreme conclusions to girlfriends getting mad at boyfriends are as bad as it gets. There are girlfriends who murder their boyfriends using a gun, which is shocking enough. But to do it while the boyfriend (or ex) is driving with you in the car, like Martina Westcott did, is seriously unbelievable. Sometimes the public never knows the reason for the argument, but in other cases the issue is raised in court, like Tiniko Thompson shooting her boyfriend to cover up her fake pregnancy lie.

Sometimes it’s not just the boyfriend who is harmed, but those around him too. Like when Lisa Marie Coker attacked someone very close to her ex-boyfriend when she crashed his wedding. Or like the new girlfriend of Joe Good, when his ex-girlfriend Tawny Blazejowksi went on a stalking attack that ruined every aspect of his life.