10 Worst Famous Power Couples


Although there’s no such thing as a perfect romantic relationship, some are much more civil than others. In the world of celebrity, it’s easy to think of couples as powerful and flawless, but sometimes those ideas are far from the truth. While some couples propel each other forward and share a love that’s indescribable, others are volatile, with the two people much worse off together than they are apart. It could start off as a loving union, but these ten relationships show that it can go downhill really fast. Whether it’s emotional abuse, physical abuse, addiction, or hard core lifestyles, these power couples are the worst we’ve ever seen.

It’s terrible to think about how much domestic abuse goes on in the world, and the world of celebrity is no different. Rhianna and Chris Brown turned out to be a prime example of a fairy tale relationship gone bad. The musical stars seemed to have it all, but when photos surfaced of her face beaten and bruised, the truth eventually came to light. Brown was sent to jail for domestic abuse, but Rhi Rhi wasn’t the only star to suffer this fate.

Kim Kardashian was also physically abused by her ex-husband, Damon Thomas. They were married from 2000 to 2004, and six years later she opened up about what really went down in their relationship. From being slammed against the wall to being told she needed to get plastic surgery to look perfect, the abuse she suffered from that relationship was nothing short of horrifying.

Mariah Carey went through a different type of abuse when she was married to music exec, Tommy Mottola. Throughout their relationship she suffered from being sexually exploited and emotionally abused. In his memoir he opened up about the abuse he put her through and admitted to being controlling and obsessed with her throughout their relationship.

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, as well as Tina and Ike Turner both had relationships that suffered similar fates. Both power couples seemed like a match made in heaven, but things weren’t as rosy as they seemed. Both relationships were ruined by drug and alcohol addiction, and domestic violence that had both women beaten by their spouses. The volatile relationships were eventually put to rest, but are two of the most infamous marriages that are still talked about today. Just remember, things aren’t always what they seem. Today we’re taking a look at the top 10 worst power couples ever.