10 WORST Celebrity Fashion Labels


It's not a secret that western culture has an obsession with celebrities. The obsession runs so deep that we often find ourselves buying the fashions they wear even if they don't look good on us. With a world like this, it’s no wonder when popular celebrities start their own fashion label. But just because they can dress themselves amazingly, doesn’t mean they can appeal to the masses. From cheap designs, to horrid over embellishing, these are 10 worst celebrity fashion labels.

It’s not every day someone can write vegan friendly and footwear in the same sentence, but thanks to Natalie Portman, today is the day! If you think vegan and footwear shouldn’t go hand and hand, you aren’t the only one. When Natalie Portman rolled out her luxurious vegan friendly shoe line “Te Casan” in 2008, she had the best of intentions. Unfortunately, the general public was literally not buying it, and Portman’s footwear venture wasn’t as successful as she’d hoped. The parent company that partnered with Portman ended up folding later in 2008 due to failing sales.

If we know anything, it’s that JLo has it nailed when it comes to her style and looks. She was able to use this sense to launch her successful fashion label “JLo”, but just because she had one good line, doesn’t mean a second would be welcomed. When it came to designing and executing her second label, JLo may have spread herself too thin. She launched her “Sweetface” fashion line for Khol’s, and it left many fans underwhelmed. Fans hated the line so much, they thought it was too expensive and the clothes were too cheap looking. In 2009, Khol’s stopped production of the line after horrible sales.

There seems to be a theme with actresses getting the characters they play online confused with their abilities in real life. No one knows that more than Katherine Heigl. During her days playing a doctor on “Grey’s Anatomy” Katherine Heigl thought she could start a line of fashionable scrubs. It turns out that real life nurses and doctors aren’t really worried about their scrubs when they are trying to save lives. Since the medical world wasn’t on board with her fashion-forward scrubs, “The Katherine Heigl Collection” was pulled after less than a month.

Another actress who everyone thought was a no brainer for a fashion line was Sarah Jessica Parker. After the success from starring as fashionista “Carrie Bradshaw” on “Sexy In The City”, it wasn’t a far thought to think SJP could start a successful fashion line. Sadly, her line left fans with much to be desired. Though the clothes were considered very affordable, with pants starting at $15, women complained about the quality of the line. One woman bought 2 pairs of pants from SJP’s “Bitten” line, and said the zipper had trouble staying up. Eventually “Bitten” was pulled off the shelves when retailer Steve and Barry’s went bankrupt in 2008.

Just because a celebrity is one of the biggest stars in the world, doesn’t mean they are going to strike gold in the fashion world. It’s hard to believe that Queen Be can fail at anything, but when it comes to her Junior’s clothing line “House of Dereon” it wasn’t exactly up to par. Critics of the line claimed it was painful to look at, and resembled Ed Hardy’s horrid fashion options. Many people didn’t believe the line deserved a spot at Fashion week, and even claimed it was laughable and tacky. The nail in the coffin for “House of Dereon” was in 2012, when an ad campaign for their “lil ones” line featured children in heels and makeup. This left a bad taste in consumers’ mouths, and eventually the line fizzled out.